Cervical Prox1 Dynamic Disc Model



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Cervical Prox1

Details include:

  • true geometry
  • 1-part elastomeric discs (c2-c3-4-5-6) white c2-3 red c3-6 (hyperelastic c3-4- to demonstrate hypermobility)
  • 2-part elastomeric disc (c6-7) red nucleus and red annulus to demonstrate nuclear extrusion and canal encroachment
  • red painted subchondral facets
  • blue painted hyaline facets
  • clear elastic material on surface of facets (superior C1 and inferior C7) for a palpable experience of hyaline surface
  • ligamentum flavum throughout
  • cruciform ligament


1 review for Cervical Prox1 Dynamic Disc Model

  1. Nikolaos Koutsonikolis

    Nice looking model.

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