Degenerated Disc Spine Model


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A degenerated disc model crafted from an elderly female specimen. With a two-part intervertebral disc, nerves enter the central aspect of the nucleus from the periphery of the annulus. The embedded innervation allows visible movement of the nucleus under differing vector loads. Very helpful in understanding directional preferences for back pain.

Features include:

  • Frosted clear natural textured L4 with a view lens
  • Painted facets (blue-hyaline; red-perichondrial vascularization)
  • Lateral recess osteophyte
  • Opaque white matching L5
  • Two-part intervertebral disc
  • Posterior-lateral (left and right) reddened annular fissure
  • Dynamic disc bulging
  • Dynamic disc herniation (nuclear movement (protrusion-extrusion) through an annular tear) … designed to perform repeatedly. Nucleus will retract naturally when compressive forces are relieved.


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