Degenerative Lumbar Epidural Trainer

L4-L5 with interspinous ligament and ligamentum flavum


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Inspired from our EpiClear and LxD models with the degenerated patient in mind. Our Degenerative Lumbar Epidural Trainer includes a thickened translucent ligamentum flavum and associated interspinous ligament. Translucent ligaments allow visualisation of traversing needle into epidural space. All vertebrae are anatomically accurate and casted from a real degenerated specimen.  This model is useful for teaching epidural placement with realistic puncture force feedback and loss of resistance training in a degenerated spine with narrowed interlaminar spacing and facet arthropathy.  Optional shortened cauda equina.  Replacement ligaments available after multiple uses.


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Degenerative Lumbar Epidural Trainer Only, Add Cauda Equina


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