Disc Disruption Illustration – Digital Graphic


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An illustration demonstrating compressive load within a single motion segment helping to explain back pain. Annular fissures in disc disruption are very common and an important concept to share with individuals regarding their back and neck pain. Often pain generates with differing positional loads as the nucleus pulposus shifts and spreads innervated annular fibres. Also demonstrated is the basivertebral nerve which innervates the endplate in the case of endplate fractures or sensitive schmorles nodes. Often a mixed approach of both digital and hand-ons realistic 3D models is used by many spine professionals for education purposes.

This product is 8.5 x 11 in format but this is also available on 18 x 24 format for larger printing. Please contact us for larger size.

The downloadable version is delivered without watermarks and available for educational use. Subject to Copyright.


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