Fully Clear Herniated Dynamic Disc Model



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This Fully Clear Dynamic Disc Model herniated disc model is the Professional LxH model but has a vascular clear L5 feature.

NEW ANNULUS (2019) and other features, see Professional LxH Dynamic Disc Model for details.

In other words, both the L4 and L5 match with this Fully Clear LxH model. L5 does not have the view lens but is semi-transparent. Optional ligamentum flavum is available for even greater realism.  Take spine education to a whole new level with Dynamic Disc Designs.  Educate the dynamic nature of the intervertebral disc through accurate anatomical modelling to help improve clinical outcomes.  Very useful for chiropractors, physiotherapists, osteopathic doctors, physiatrists, spine surgeons, teaching hospitals, medical schools, orthopedic schools and universities.

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Do Not Add Ligamentum Flavum, Add Ligamentum Flavum, Testing Option


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