Original LxH Dynamic Disc Model – Pre-2019

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The anatomical features include:

  • flexible and totally dynamic herniating (or prolapse) nucleus pulposus. This is achieved through a realistic 2-part intervertebral disc with 6 degrees of freedom. Nuclear migration upon manual compression through a torn annulus fibrosus explaining pain generators under load. (previous disc design pre-2019 upgrade)
  • right posterior-lateral radial and circumferential(concentric) fissure
  • transparent L4 vertebra
  • white coloured L5 vertebra
  • randomly scattered and embedded black nuclear structures to easily show nuclear shifting dynamics through the L4 view lens
  • L5 superior endplate pores (black)
  • L5 superior endplate lesion (red)
  • vasculature in L4 vertebral body (red)
  • facet subchondrial vascularization (red)
  • facet hyaline (blue)
  • facet tropism (L5 inferior)

New Cauda Equina 2020 with rootlets available as optional anatomy.





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