Professional CxH Dynamic Disc Cervical Spine Model

C5-C6 A dynamically herniating cervical model


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Product Description

Use our Cervical Spine Model Professional CxH to take patient education to a higher level for cervical spine pathologies. This cervical herniating disc model matches the Professional Lumbar LxH model (same human spine), portraying identical cervical size with natural morphology, including a two-part intervertebral disc with six degrees of biological motion. This model includes a red post-lateral nuclear migration upon manual compression, the posterior longitudinal ligament (PLL), the anterior longitudinal ligament (ALL) as well as the periosteal fascia (POL) (adjacent to the uncovertebral joint). Now includes the ligamentum flavum.

Also available with bundle: Spine Educator


Additional Information

Optional Feature

Professional CxH Only, Add Ligamentum Flavum

1 review for Professional CxH Dynamic Disc Cervical Spine Model

  1. Dr Caroline Tan

    Thie ability to demonstrate dynamic pathology is really useful. It would be nice to have removable spinal cord and nerve roots, as your lumbar models do, to enhance the educational utility.

    • Jerome Fryer

      Thank you for the feedback. This is possible but the development costs would be large. How many do you want? lol

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