True Blue Professional LxH Model


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True Blue Professional LxH Dynamic Disc Model

colours designed to help avoid kinesiophobia (if that is a concern)

Features include:

  • navy blue nucleus pulposus
  • cauda equina with optional rootlets (red)
  • intervertebral disc innervation (red) to the outer third of the annulus
  • circumferential (diffuse) disc bulge
  • superimposed disc protrusion
  • limacon shaped annulus
  • peripherally exposed calcified endplate
  • elastomeric white articular cartilage
  • subchondrial bone exposed with a hyaline fibrillation
  • clear L4 tope and bottom
  • bone coloured L5
  • Flexible and dynamic herniating (or prolapse) blue nucleus pulposus. This is achieved through a realistic 2-part intervertebral disc with 6 degrees of freedom. Nuclear migration upon manual compression through a torn annulus fibrosus explaining pain generators under load.
  • right posterior-lateral radial and circumferential fissure (blue)
  • nerve ingrowth (neo-innervation) to the inner two-thirds of the damaged annulus to help demonstrate chronic pain (red)
  • left partial posterior-lateral radial tear matching up to the disc protrusion within a contained nucleus
  • vasculature in L4 vertebral body (red)
  • facet subchondrial vascularization (red)
  • facet tropism (L5 inferior)

Optional Features: ligamentum flavum , spondylolisthesis (elongated pars, non-lytic)

Need two or more? Discounts apply when ordered in multiples.

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No Additions, add Rootlets, Ligamentum Flavum, Ligamentum Flavum with Rootlets, Spondylolisthesis, Spondylolisthesis with Rootlets, Spondylolisthesis & Ligamentum Flavum & Rootlets


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