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Common back conditions stop millions of people in their tracks each day. Face it. Back pain is debilitating. It keeps people from being able to work and being able to play. It seriously affects one’s attitude and can make life pretty miserable. Worse yet, sometimes it seemingly creeps up on us for no reason; though the underlying causes are certainly there, it can be quite difficult for most individuals to figure out “what they did” to make their back hurt so much.

As spine specialists, we know the reason could be one of many – herniated disc, degenerative disc disease, osteoporosis, spinal stenosis, scoliosis, spondylolisthesis, sciatica, and more. It’ll take a thorough exam and perhaps some imaging tests to recognize the culprit, but whatever it is that’s plaguing the patient, chances are that all they want is some relief so that they can resume life as it once was….pain-free.

Once a diagnosis is made, the patient will have many questions. That’s true of any patient with any disease or disorder. No one wants to be in the dark about their condition. They’ll want to know the specifics of their problem as well as the particulars of how it will be addressed. How you accomplish the explanation will mean the difference between keeping your patient and prompting them to leave and seek someone else who can better explain their issues.

We’ve all seen this scenario on medical shows on TV. The doctor has to deliver the news about the patient’s condition, so he/she sits on one side of the desk with the patient on the other, and verbally expounds about the diagnosis. The patient listens intently, accepts the explanation, nods his head, and exits the office.

That’s fine for television. But in real life your patient deserves more, and that’s where a good quality professional disc model enters the picture. A verbal explanation of a complicated (or uncomplicated) spine issue rarely does the job, but if you – the medical professional – presents an explanation with a top-quality, movable, detailed spine model in your hands, the patient will walk away understanding his/her diagnosis.

Professional-LxH-Model - Dynamic Disc Designs Corp
Professional LxH Model demonstrating intradiscal features

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The LxH Professional Disc Model from Dynamic Disc Designs offers one of the best options on the market in the realm of patient spine education. Users of this highly-detailed model, designed and crafted by chiropractor Jerome Fryer, dub it the most useful tool in which they’ve invested and many purchase multiple models for their practices.

Affordably priced and long lasting, the Professional LxH model offers totally dynamic features that you won’t find in those 2D models or even in other 3D models. That means patients get and up-close and personal look at the intricate workings of a spine just like their own, and will leave your office with the confidence that you know how to help them with their problem – whether you’re a chiropractor like Dr. Fryer or a different kind of spine specialist.

Hear what Dr. Ron Nusbaum, CEO of the Back Clinics of Canada, says about Dynamic Disc Designs’ Professional Disc model:

“Every chiropractor should have this model in their office to teach their patients about their disc problems. Simply put it is the most effective model that exists…period. Patients “get it” – both what their problem is and how care works to reverse their disc problem. Worth every penny, wish I knew about it before!”