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Spine model

If you’re looking for a spine anatomy model made in Canada you need look no further than the products designed by Dr. Jerome Fryer of Dynamic Disc Designs (ddd).

In Canada, good health has always been a priority. Canadians love playing in the vast outdoor regions of their country, and even in the cities, exercise, fitness, and good eating has become a priority, especially as baby boomers continue to live active lives. Feeling good is part of living a happy life and when something’s not right, Canadians often turn to chiropractors to address issues such as back pain and other problems that are slowing them down.

The Canadian Chiropractic Association boasts more than 7,000 members caring for the estimated 11 million or so Canadians that experience musculoskeletal issues each year. Those Canadian chiropractors take their job seriously, including the task of patient education, which can be furthered by using a host of Canadian-made spine models that are considered among the best available.

3D movable spine anatomy models

If you’re looking for a spine anatomy model made in Canada you need look no further than the products designed by Dr. Jerome Fryer of Dynamic Disc Designs (ddd). Used around the world by not only chiropractors but also spine surgeons, physical therapists, medical professors, massage therapists, and others dealing with issues of the spine, these amazing 3D movable spine anatomy models provide an in-depth look at the inner workings of the spine.

The Professional LxH spine anatomy model – proudly crafted in Canada – is like none other available. And that particular top-selling model is just one of more than two dozen lumbar and cervical models available from ddd, each offering something a little different but all available to help put patients at ease as they begin to understand what’s causing their pain and what you – the medical professional – can do to help them feel better.

Cervical models like the Professional CxH assist in doctor-patient discussions of pain related to uncovertebral joint, IVF narrowing and dynamic disc changes related to the facets, while the lumbar models are ideal for explaining bulging or herniated discs and other common spine-related problems.

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So why is patient education important? Today’s patients are products of the information age and often look to gather specific information about their medical problems, not content with a perfunctory explanation about their pain and how you can fix it. When they have the chance to see how a spine moves, why they feel uncomfortable, and how you and THEY can fix this, they walk away satisfied. That means a patient that will come back again and refer other clients.

…your DDD models have helped connect the doctor and client in a way that was never attainable before.
-Says Dr. Barry Kluner, DC

Compared to generic ‘static’ models, your ‘dynamic’ models help us explain the intricate details of each client’s condition in an easier to understand concept that can be catered or customized to each individual client’s needs, whether technical or basic,
-He adds

Your models have re-established the vital importance of the doctor / client communication relationship, dramatically bridging the gap for both to have a common understanding of the condition, the process ahead, and the targeted outcomes towards health and wellness for life. Simply perfect.

These Canadian-made spine anatomy models are available in various price categories according to the detail offered on each model. All are made of durable materials that allow the models to last for years to come, even when handled by multiple doctors and patients each day. For those who order two or more models, discounts are available. Check out the vast selection and choose those that best fit your practice. It’ll be one of the best patient education investments you’ve ever made!

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