Dynamic Disc Designs
Transparent multi-level spine model - Medial branch lumbar model

Spine models for courtroom education

Using spine models for courtroom education is an important tool for lawyers to deliver important messages to jurors.

Attorney’s spend countless hours in the preparation of materials for deposition or court.  In cases of personal injury due to motor vehicle accidents, surgical malpractice, workplace injuries, and slip and falls, spine models are used to demonstrate the mechanism of injuries and the location of the pain generator. Dynamic Disc Designs use realistic quality models with flexible soft tissues to demonstrate the injuries.

We used one of your spine models on a two level cervical fusion case during a trial in Denver County District Court in January of this year. We obtained a verdict over 2 million dollars. It was extremely helpful to explain to the jury the nature of the anatomy and the extent of the injuries involved. My expert used this model during his examination and it was helpful in my verdict, for sure. Specifically, the model I used has a built in annular tear into a spine model. As you load the disc with your hands, you can see the nucleus exit the disc and impact the nerves. Everyone in that courtroom understood the injury at that moment.
– Jason W. Jordan, Attorney at Law Law Office of Jason W. Jordan, LLC www.jordanlegal.net

Dynamic Disc Designs uses a forensic team to carefully investigate the evidence from MRI or CT to recreate client specific injuries. Inquire if you need to deliver an important message.