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Spine models to improve outcomes

Spine models have been used for decades, if not centuries, to convey spinal problems.

Models on the market have been static and not dynamic. Simply, pain is most often dynamic in nature so it is hard to understand why some professionals still use models that do not move to educate their patients. The spine is a dynamic structure with the intervertebral disc at the core, working as a hydraulic resistor against excess movement in the prevention of approximating structures. Dynamic Disc Designs understands that the true core of the spine is in the intervertebral disc, and more specifically, the nucleus pulposus.  It is in the greater understanding of this tissue where the answers most lie regarding treatment and prevention.

Dynamic models are new and have been pioneered by Dynamic Disc Designs. Starting with real human specimens, Dr. Jerome Fryer works backwards, sculpting the soft tissues to give a real representation of the cartilagenous tissues. Specimens are chosen carefully to show facet arthropathy in the narrowing of the lateral recess, for example, in the development of spinal stenosis. Other models have been crafted to show a younger disc with normal disc height but often seen in the case of disc herniation. Discogenic pain is also a common source of pain so therefore, innervation of the outer annulus is included with the Professional LxH Model.

One of the main pride pieces to Dynamic Disc Designs is the feedback and interaction Dr. Jerome Fryer receives from his customers. For example, do you know what innervates the endplate? Have you heard of Becker’s triangle? All these details have come from our years of attending spinal conferences like NASS and The Congress of Neurological Surgeons. Many professionals provide personal feedback and offer inspiration to new product development. Dr. Jerome Fryer (President and Chief Innovations Officer) finds these conferences an important part of staying current and imperative in receiving feedback on what doctors are looking for and require in the fast paced clinical world to educate their patients in an effective way.

Join us in San Francisco at booth # 810 for the North American Spine Society Convention.