Facet joint degeneration

What Kind of Mechanical Link Exists Between Facet Joint and Intervertebral Disc Degeneration?

A very recent study from 2019, [1. Relationship between intervertebral disc and facet joint degeneration: a probabilistic finite element model study] in the Journal of Biomechanics offered some interesting results. It set out to analyze the…
spinal shrinkage

Can Spinal Shrinkage Be Reversed Through Press-Ups & Spinal Loading?

There’s some interesting data shared in a study [1. Can 5 minutes of repetitive prone press-ups and sustained prone press-ups following a period of spinal loading reverse spinal shrinkage?] found in the journal of Physiotherapy Theory and…
Lumbar Spinal Stenosis Model

MRI Displayed Differences in Patterns of Lumbar Disc Degeneration in Degenerative Disc Disease and Disc Prolapse

Due to the differences between Degenerative Disc Disease and Disc Prolapse not being well-known, with regards to patterns of Lumbar Disc Degeneration, a study [1. Patterns of lumbar disc degeneration are different in degenerative disc disease…