Louis Riendeau

Mark Laslett

I have just received my Dynamic Disc model of the lumbar spine & pelvis. VERY good. Excellent / true anatomic accuracy. No metal rod up the spine! L spine and SIJs move naturally. Outstanding ed tool. Thanks!!! Mark Laslett
Mark Bodnar

Over 15 years of use

I strongly recommend clinicians take advantage of the ddd spine models.  I find the model helps patients get a better understanding of the anatomy and the mechanics of what is happening and where the pain is coming from.  With a better understanding…
AndrewWilson ThePhysio

These models have transformed my patient education.

“These models have transformed my patient education. They bring the MRI to life. DDD models are a massive piece in the patient education picture. These models are now an integral part of my practice.” Andrew Wilson Consultant Physiot…
Prof Rudolf Bertagnoli

most anatomically accurate

The models I have purchased from Dynamic Disc Designs are the most anatomically accurate and useful spine education models on the market today.  An essential piece for patient education in spine.
Cameron M Brown

Cameron M. Brown

There is a wealth of misinformation amongst both health care providers and the lay public regarding spine related disorders. As a clinician who practices as a Primary Spine Practitioner, my patient population is almost entirely comprised of…
Anthony T Yeung

M.D. Endoscopic Spinal Surgeon

Your Professional LxH Model is the most detailed and useful spinal disc model I have ever encountered. It illustrates not only the normal anatomy of a Lumbar disc segment, but its innervation, pathoanatomy of annular tears, and how the tear…
Louis Riendeau

D.C Montreal Canada

You can use a poster or a tablet to educate your patients, but they will see an image on a poster or a tablet. If you use a 3d model, they will have a spine in their hands. There is not a minute to loose in a clinic and a DDD model is simply…