Cervical Models

Types of Cervical Models

When educating on the intricate mechanisms of cervical vertebrae and intervertebral disc, visual demonstration is often proven to be the most effective technique.

At Dynamic Disc Designs, we are committed to providing the best spine models in the world to assist in this educational process. To that end, our line of cervical models are realistic and anatomically accurate educational tools highlighting different conditions in the upper human spine. These are influential tools for educating your patients whether you are a chiropractor, surgeon, physiotherapist, osteopath, or lawyer.

We offer three different cervical models to ensure that you and your patients are provided the best educational tools for cervical conditions. The cervical degenerated herniating spine showcases a reduced disc height caused by degeneration often resulting in stenosis. The cervical spinal stenosis model displays a multi-level cervical spine with a paracentral disc bulge on one side of the model. Also available is the professional cervical herniating disc model, which is also  real in cervical size and is a matching specimen to our professional LxH lumbar model. This model features a two-part intervertebral disc with six degrees of natural motion and post-lateral nuclear migration upon manual compression.

You can count on Dynamic Disc Designs to provide you with the most realistic and accurate spinal models. All models are constructed with  identical copies of natural specimens and feature trademarked two-part intervertebral discs – allowing you to accurately and dynamically demonstrate, by hand, the motion and progressive nature of different spinal conditions.

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