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Types of Lumbar Models

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Our lumbar models will help you educate your patients, allow you to accurately articulate what the patient’s body is experiencing, and explain best practices to alleviate their pain.

Lower back pain is a common complaint among patients – 8 in 10 people experience back pain at some point in their life. Recognizing that such pain can vary considerably from case to case, Dynamic Disc Designs has developed many different models to showcase the different conditions and motions of the lumbar (and cervical) spine.

Our best sellers are the Professional LxH Herniating Disc Model and Academic LxH Herniating Disc Model. These two models include a herniating nucleus pulposus, transparent L4, opaque L5, and a realistic 2-part disc with 6 degrees of freedom and manual compressions. They are great tools for educating your patients on discogenic pain, chronic pain, nuclear shifting dynamics, the progressive nature of disc herniation, and early forms of DDD.

Our other Dynamic Disc Design models can be used to further demonstrate dynamic and functional stenosis with degenerative disc pathologies like thickened ligaments — narrowing of the spinal canal. Instability models can also help in the education of pain generators with a spondylolisthesis option for our Professional LxH model.

Lumbar Models - Dynamic Disc Designs

Whatever your spinal educational needs are you can count on Dynamic Disc Designs to provide you dynamic intervertebral disc models with biofidelic accuracy. All models are constructed as identical copies of natural specimens and feature trademarked two-part intervertebral discs – allowing you to dynamically demonstrate, by hand, the motion and realistic nature of different spinal conditions.

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