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Understanding Core Exercises

Core Muscles of Spine

Understanding core exercises and why they can work for many mechanical low back pain suffers may not be such a mystery.

At Dynamic Disc Designs we believe that the answers may not be as complicated as thought. In a publication titled, ” A Meta-Analysis of Core Stability Exercise versus General Exercise for Chronic Low Back Pain  ” the authors looked at RCT studies and compared regular exercise to core stabilization exercises in short term and long term outcomes of low back pain. They found a significant difference with the core stabilization for the short term but not so much for the long term outcomes.

What defines a core exercise? What is the core? And what is actually occurring in the spine during the core exercises? These are questions that are just starting to be asked. Some believe that core exercises have no scientific backing. You can read more here.

At Dynamic Disc Designs we believe that the true core of the spine is the nucleus pulposus. Core stabilization exercises often are done recumbent, and often works to brace the lumbar spine to facilitate nuclear intradiscal centralization, decreasing sensory afferent stimulation to free nerve endings in the disc. This often stabilizes the facet joints which is also thought to be a pain generator as well.

Dynamic Disc Designs manufactures models to help in the discussion of pain generators and strategies to improve the understanding of positive (and negative) clinical outcomes.

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