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Where Can I Buy Anatomy Models – Spine Anatomy

Where Can I Buy Anatomy Models?

If you’re fresh out of school and setting up your practice for the first time, you’re no doubt feeling both excited and overwhelmed by all the things you need to do to get ready before that first patient walks in.

Quite obviously, the first priority is finding exactly the right location for your practice. City or suburbs? On a busy street or in a quiet neighborhood? Will you share it with someone else or strike out on your own? Next, you’ll need to start outfitting your office and exam room(s) so that they are warm and welcoming and make your patients feel comfortable and at home when they enter. Sometimes that takes a little creativity and perhaps some help from a clever friend or two.

Next, you need to purchase all the equipment necessary to treat your patients. Some of that equipment is obvious but other items may not be. For example, you’ll want to be sure to invest in items that cater to good patient education so that once your new patients have walked in the door of your sparkling new facility they’ll feel confident enough in you to return again and again.

So, as a professional who specializes in the field of spine health, what do you need? If you’re a doctor of the 21st century, perhaps you’ve already recognized that those old posters of the spine are no longer the best options for educating your patients about their spine problems. You’ll need something more realistic. Something that allows your patients to truly understand how the spine works. You need dynamic anatomy models.

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“So, where can I buy anatomy models?” you might wonder, and where do I find models that really do work the way the spine works? Dynamic Disc Designs, a Canada-based company owned and operated by a chiropractor with vast experience in treating spine disorders, offers what doctors from a variety of fields have called the “best spine models available.”

Dr. Jerome Fryer founded Dynamic Disc Designs in 2006, intent on providing models that truly provide the entire picture when it comes to how the spine works. A student of the spine and its workings, Dr. Fryer aimed to helping the medical community and their patients understand the mechanisms related to degeneration. This in turn, Fryer notes, will stimulate innovative solutions in prevention and regeneration treatment strategies.

Anatomy Models

“All models begin with identical copies of original natural specimens with a reconstruction of soft tissues,” Fryer explains.  “With a trademarked two-part intervertebral disc, dynamic spine motion can be demonstrated by hand to allow a realistic look into nuclear motion and the progressive nature of disc height loss in the degenerative disc disease paradigm. The emphasis on accurate anatomical detail helps in the education of definitive pain generators of back pain in a dynamic and interactive way.”

Today’s patients are all about education and gathering the facts. When you buy a quality anatomy model, you can provide them with the information they need to make informed decisions about their body’s well-being…right from the start. Get your practice off on the right foot by perusing the vast collection of Dynamic Disc Design models available to you and your patients.