The Why and How of Chiropractic Patient Education

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You’re a great chiropractor! Your patients have told you so. Your hands have that healing touch and patients always feel better when they leave your office. But is that enough?

It’s wonderful to be praised for your skills, but are your patients walking away with a clear knowledge of why they feel better and why they need to keep seeing you if they want to maintain good spinal health?

Unless you can answer a definitive “yes”, perhaps you’re not giving enough thought to educating your patients about the ins and outs of chiropractic medicine. Maybe you wonder why educating your patients is important, after all, they seem satisfied, don’t they?

Why Education is Important

Patients enter your office filled with lots of emotions. Chances are they are hurting. They might also be depressed or anxious because of this and might even be angry if their pain is as a result of an accident or other injury. They may also be afraid…and it is this fear that is often best addressed by chiropractic patient education – explaining to the patient the reasons for their pain or discomfort.

Have you ever been to a doctor that’s all business and little else? One that doesn’t connect at all with you, the patient? How do you feel when you leave? Cold? Unconnected? You might even choose NOT to return to that practice.

A chiropractor that takes time to truly get to know their patients, their habits, their lifestyle, and even a little about them personally is a chiropractor that will build a successful business.

Furthermore, and even more important, a doctor that explains the procedures he’s using and why he’s using them will be one that gains the confidence and trust of his clients.

The Best Ways to Educate the Patient

There are a huge variety of chiropractic patient education tools on the market. You’ll want to use the ones that best explain to your patients all the ins and outs of chiropractic medicine including the specifics of why adjustments will aid in pain relief.

Chiropractic Patient Education ligament cross section

Many chiropractors like to show videos to their new patients. These might provide a good introduction to chiropractic for those who’ve never used a chiropractor and may serve to put new patients’ minds at ease, especially if they fear or are unfamiliar with the entire process.

Some chiropractors opt to use posters to explain the specifics of how the spine works and how things can go wrong. However, posters are little more than a flat drawing of the complicated mechanism that is the spine, and chances are explanations made using these drawings will fall short.

A better option is a 3D movable model of the spine such as those designed by Dynamic Disc Designs. Long hailed as among the best on the market, these models are tactile – both the doctor AND patient can touch and manipulate them – and they are among the most realistic available.

As such, the patient walks away with a VISUAL understanding of his spine, knowing why he feels the way he does, how chiropractic medicine can help, and what he can personally do to set himself on the road to better spinal health.

Professional chiropractic patient education model with audible release

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